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March 2023
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Kristin Gallego
Artistic Landscape

Spring is upon us (or so it’s supposed to be) and so are the Beautification Awards. What are those? Why should I get involved? What if I’m not sure what to do or where to start? Well, those are all questions I’ve asked myself over the past 3 years since joining CLCA.

Every year, right about this same time, I’d get the invite, just like you…TIME TO ENTER! Every year I’d look at that email, even pull up the application. I’d look it over and think…but what job/category should I enter? Is my job good enough? I completed it a few months ago, what if the owners didn’t keep up on it the way I would want it to look to the judges? What are the expectations of my work to even qualify for judging?

Then came last year. While I still had all those questions rolling around in my brain, I started getting more involved, meeting fellow CLCA members in the area, joining the board and getting asked to judge for another chapter (judges don’t come from within your chapter/territory, rather another chapter’s members). I was excited. I was finally going to see what the Beautification Awards were first hand, and to my surprise, that experience not only answered all those questions rattling in my head, but made me anxious for this year’s awards to get here. Now, I can’t wait to enter for our 1st time this year. So the question is…what is stopping you from entering?

While driving around for 2 days and judging many different sizes and styles of landscapes I was quite often awestruck and the best part was it wasn’t always the biggest that was the best. It wasn’t always the most expensive. Sometimes the best work, a judges favorite, etc. was found in the simple things. You might think your job needs to be “over the top” to stick out or qualify for an award, but that’s not the case. There are many entry categories from small, medium, large, etc. to design build, installation or even maintenance.

There’s still the question…what if I don’t currently maintain what I installed and it’s overgrown, missing mulch, etc.? Well, the real question is, does YOUR work deserve an award? Because the property will need to be accessed for judging, you’ll want/need to make the owner aware anyway. Most owner’s don’t mind opening there yard for judging as it’s truly a compliment to say “I believe your yard is award worthy, I’d love to enter it into the Beautification Awards.” I mean, who wouldn’t want their yard to receive an award. If they’re willing to open their yard, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you sprucing it up a bit before judging either. You’ll know when judging day is so you are able to come in ahead of time and “clean things up a bit” so that the landscape presents itself just how you’d want it to for the judges.

Still have questions? Still not sure about entering. Feel free to reach out to myself or Laura (or anyone else in CLCA) to get those pesky questions rattling around in your head answered and ENTER! I’d LOVE to see representation from the work of everyone in our chapter on that big screen during the Awards Dinner. I’d LOVE to see you win! You should have already received the email to enter, so if you haven’t seen it, please reach out for an application. You can turn in entries via mail (instructions on the application email) or drop them off at Plank in Oakland on April 28th at 6pm. I hope to see you all there!

Your 2023 CLCA East Bay President,

Kristin Gallego

DIG Corp - Drip Irrigation Systems

Annual Beautification Awards

The Annual Beautification Awards Entry Form is now available. A prestigious Beautification Award reassures your clients that they have made the right choice in choosing you for their landscape installation or maintenance project and sets you apart from other companies as an expert in the field.

Download the Call for Entries today!

De-Dominico Judges 2022

2022 Judges Award
Suma Landscaping Inc.

Todd Gerrow - A-G Sod Farms

California Drought

Recent storms put the ‘nail in the coffin’ for drought

Following three years of drought, this winter has brought an unexpected deluge to the state, leading some experts to declare the drought over. 

The state once again finds itself in a wet period thanks to a couple of atmospheric rivers pointed at the state. Many areas in the Sierra have already surpassed 600 inches of snowfall and statewide the snowpack has bumped up to 212% of normal to date. These numbers will continue to rise with the higher elevations of the Sierra expected to receive another 100″ of snow in the coming days.

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CLCA East Bay Chapter Events for 2023
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It’s About Efficiency

Your time is important and your business matters to us. That’s why everything we do is about making it easier for you to your job.

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Rescape Trainings

Rescape logo

Check out Rescape’s 2023 trainings and events that continue to give you the hands-on skills you need to get it done.

Firescaping Qualification Training – (FQT)
March 23, 24 – 9:00am – 1:00pm

The course provides comprehensive best practices in regenerative landscaping, specifically oriented to reducing fire hazards and preparing cities and large property owners/managers for safety before, during and after a firestorm. 

Design Qualification Training – DQT
May 2, 3, 9, 10 – 9:00am – 1:30pm 

This training provides landscape design professionals with practical tools for designing and constructing healthy landscapes that protect local watersheds, conserve resources and address our changing climate.
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6 Steps to Improve Processes

6 steps to improve processes

Taking the time to streamline and prioritize processes can take any business to the next level.

During Jobber Summit, three business owners shared how good processes have improved their businesses and their best advice for implementing them. Panelists included Callum Ng, owner of Green Grads Window & Gutter Cleaners; Judith Virag, CEO of Clean Club Calgary; and TC Bliss, co-founder of Home Roots Lawn & Landscape. The panel was also moderated by Michelle Myers, founder and CEO of Pink Callers.

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