Landscape Industry Certified

Individual Benefits Of Certification

  • Validate your landscape skills, professionalism and commitment to safety.
  • Stand out from others in the company and in the industry, and create opportunities for career advancement.
  • Ability to meet minimum job requirements.
  • Persons passing a Certification Test will receive a certificate, identification card, logo items and recognition on NALP’s Honor Wall.

Employer Benefits of Certification

  • Give your company a competitive edge and the opportunity to sell more services by advertising that you have certified employees on staff.
  • Show professionalism and expertise when you display credentials in your marketing efforts with logos/decals/certificates.
  • Meet minimum job requirements in bids and RFPs that require a certified technician.
  • Your company will be listed in our “Find a company with Landscape Industry Certified Technicians” page.
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Water Management Certification

The California Landscape Contractors Association’s Water Management Certification Program was established in 2007 and helps the green industry reduce landscape water usage by certifying individuals through performance-based water budgeting. This unique program carries the WaterSense label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is also approved for continuing education units by NALP (formerly PLANET), the Irrigation Association and the International Association of Arboriculture.

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